Past Games

Developed in UNED, Sabanilla, San José, Costa Rica. DESCRIPTION: You and your friends have to get the resources for home. Everyone is having their problems and the family is trying to escape.
Sabalamana is an RTS and revolves the story of soldiers fighting ghosts, looking for the beacons of trasmission for the gods.
In other universe, a robot got the mission to clean its planet of a dark matter spoiled by the reactor that keeps its planet alive, after it was damaged by a huge earthquacke. This robot will be at
Car game with ritual logic
Cats shooter game! Use your arrows or wasd keys to move.
<< Instic :: Search & Destroy >> is a party game about frantic action, strategy and survival instincts, for up to four players. In Instic, you and up to 3 other friends can play with four XBOX Game Controllers on the same dark screen, in 2 minute rounds where all players roll across the dark maze and try to obliterate your enemies, earning one point per kill. The player that scores the most points at the end wins the battle. Each player controls one of the Insticballs, which are capable of executing the following different actions: ::Button A: Light Sonar. Since the maze is always dark, the Light Sonar is your tool to determine your position, and have a quick look at your immediate surroundings. Use it carefully; when you use it, you will also reveal your location. This ability has a cooldown. ::Button X: Turbo Boost. As long as you keep the Turbo Boost pressed down, your Insticball will double its acceleration speed. It’s the perfect way to roll away from your opponents, or to shorten the distance between you and your next prey; but your Insticball will become harder to control the faster it rolls around the dark maze. ::Button B: Burst Blades. Every Insticball is equipped with a brand new set of deadly and sharp metal fan blades, which you will use to obliterate your opponents and add points to your score. Using your Burst Blades without killing an opponent will also reveal your location, so be very certain when you try to throw your hit. This ability also has a cooldown. Welcome to the dark mazes of Instic. Search and destroy your opponents, and conquer the dark trophy for the ultimate recognition of party games mastery. Enjoy!