Past Games

Google Translate: Race against time and your co-worker to be the best employee of the month, rebuilding a city brick bridge before him.
Clear the way for the ambulance, that includes you! Hastly hit the correct key combination to help repair the road and clear it of obstacles to help the ambulance get to the hospital.
Often we struggle to find ourselves, to find our safe and comfortable place. We shouldn't be searching; instead, it's time to put things in order.
Communication is the greatest skill of the humankind, many other living beings also communicate, but none has such a complex system, we've developed vocal sounds, art, signals and crafting.
Using Leap Motion Technology, with your hands, guide your character in a sound reactive musical adventure. The experience is presentation focused, lasting as long as the song.
During the Inquisition era a witch named Huna seeks revenge against the villagers that burned down her coven's sisters.

Hearty Games