Past Games

Dystopian future (or present) where you're the human building "Domotic AI". Plot: Neo Barna (formerly know as "Barcelona"), year 2020.
This game consists of an oscilloscope transmission that represents the download of a set of packages on the net.
Something cool with water waves : Brand new water sport with swimmers and jellyfish. 2 to 4 players, using 1 to 2 xbox controllers. 2 players share a controller. A player plays with a joyst
It's nice to be greeting everyone. Now is your turn! Remember the greeting and WIN.
How does a dog feel when receiving orders from the shepherd and commanding the sheep? Experience it for yourself!
Love–hate relationship with fire and kisses. Highlights : - 1 VS 1 player. - 60 seconds countdown. - One Magic Mirror. FPA - Frantic Platforming Action!! The game mechanic consists on k
You’re a gear who must bring back to life the heart of the machine you belong to; your mission is clear, track a path to the heart of the machine, activating the elements you need to achieve this. The game mechanic consists on modifying your environment to trace a path until the level ends, by using a limited number of beats, present on the music. Modifying that rhythm activates different game elements such as pistons and gears, as the game goes. You have 2 minutes of music beats to beat the game. Controls: - Use any button to play the music. Each click makes the music play one beat. Mantaining the button pressed keeps the music playing. - R to restart.