Past Games

Huborg - You are the Black Market! The number one dystopian first-person role-playing game that revolutionized the turn of the 20th century.
Turn-based 2 player online multiplayer. Story: -------- Skye's grandma makes the most delicious fish soup.
The next big thing in Automobile AI or at least something that will raise the stock value.
Moving day. Load up your trusty pickup truck. Move your stuff before your nasty neighbor mover your belongings. Be careful!
Four player competitive spy party game where you try to hijack enemy satellite signals – while at the same time try to move your own satellite out of others' reach!
Goblin Rush is a reverse tower defence game where peaceful little goblins try to get past the human territory.
Can you stop the cultists from performing the evil ritual? Find and drop items to cauldron to ruin their ritual concoction, but you cannot be seen by the cultists!