Trixi Moersch

Past Games

You're in a barely functional mech with limited wires and systems. You need to salvage the wires you have to operate the systems.
Feel the mood, make them groove. Different fans, different genres. Mix the music to please the most people possible!
Before the rule of men, ancient beings roamed the earth and exulted the sun, their life force. When the oceans began to rise and flood, the water threatened to drown the sun.
First Among Winners is a game of solitary poker. You must create 4 hands - but your lead hand, at the bottom of the screen, must win.
In the distant future, humanity has destroyed itself and the earth has been left to roving bands of animals.
My entry for 1GAM Jan. The theme for January's 1GAM is 'Respawn'. This game is a take on space invaders where each time you kill an enemy they respawn in a new tougher form.