Past Games

During the harshest day of winter, only the fire that burns in the hearth of your small cabin is keeping you alive. Wood is running out, and a blizzard roars in the outside.
Losing one sheep is bad, but losing the entire flock is a disaster! Be a good boy and find them all. Oh Sheep! was chosen as the best game in its jam site
King Kong, Wreck it Ralph, the Empire Estate Building and so many other pop culture staples have influenced the creation of Hotel Paradise. This is a vertical infinite runner featuring a true 20'
A glorious battle for the control of your childhood tree house.
Transmit a message to the aliens that built the pyramids using mirrors to reflect a light beam towards the sky.
A small bat must find some fruits using echolocation. Click (on PC) or tap (on Android) anywhere on the screen to fly there. Do not touch the walls!
This is a 4 player co-op rythm based game. Save your tribe from the enemies by summoning the spirit guardian, or whatever comes out of the ritual.