Past Games

2D platformer where a girl uses two spirits to fight off ghosts/monsters and guide her way out of a haunted mansion.
Play as a group of kids who discover a magical world away from their home! What wonders will they see?
Play as a special psychologist, tasked with fixing the broken minds of your patients.
A turn-based RPG about a young group of kids having an adventure in their city, altering their landscapes with their imagination.
Play as Priscilla as she embarks on an adventure through Ori Forest to find her family.
A 2D side scrolling bullet-hell platformer taking place in a futuristic, cyberpunk world
A cross between a traditional visual novel and a scripting game, where the player's goal is to teach a robot how to love.
What would you do if you found a peculiar box in your room? One marked with an ominous symbol of Satan; just oozing with bad news.

Hearty Games