Past Games

Jennifer lost and she wants to find Sherly
repair the pool without the actress in the pool noticed. Use arrow key to move to touch the red thing to repair the pool... 上下左右移動金漢斌,讓他碰到紅色的故障處,就可以修理這個泳池 使用Makey Makey裝置樂趣加倍!
家中的成員彼此無法看見,只能讓家中的物件移動,讓彼此知道對方的存在。 每個人連線到server之後,必須靠著移動家裡的物件讓別人知道你在哪裡 All members in the family can not see each other.
Two players cooperating game. One player hold the Joycon and adjust the angle, and the other player push the stick. If the Joycon angle is correct, it will vibrate. Every time the angle will change.
Speak anything to your microphone and make the wave.Help the surfer avoid the obstacles like rocks or birds with your voice.
本土劇精神元素!!! 情感糾紛(小三)跟錯綜複雜的血緣關係(其實你老公是你的親生兒子!)是遊戲精隨, 在遊戲過程中好人變壞人, 壞人變好人都是很常有的事情!!
It's a racing game between an Grandma and a cockroach-man. They are fighting for the delicious vegetables in the market(the goal).
Long long time ago, in far far away galaxy. There is a lonely planet, with a lonely zoo keeper. The zoo keeper need to feed aliens to keep their heart beat. * Click the ground to move, and pick up one item. Click aliens to feed them. * Feed blue items to slow down aliens' heart beat, and red items to speed up their heart beat. * Snow will slow down their heart beat, and thunder will speed up their heart beat.