Past Games

Gilberto es un niño muy raro. El siempre tuvo una curiosidad especial por lo paranormal, pudiendo percibir un lado oculto de las cosas que no todes son capaces de ver.
You're a Dr. in Smithing by the Medieval Institute of Technology, but the business has not been very good lately.
Is the future and there is no mainland left. Your home is just a floating room in the endless ocean. Can you survive? Of course you can! As long as these extra rooms keep coming from nowhere.
The game is available in English, Spanish and Russian. ///// ENGLISH: Spy Directory is a print and play live-action game about stealth and watchfulness.
La nave debe ser ubicada en la posición correcta para que las frecuencias percibidas desde las estrellas coincidan con el objetivo.
"The groups are all set, Facebook and twitter are silent. You have just eaten and even though you're quite tired, you don't feel like sleeping with the stomach full.
Fear of Darkness was to be a dark platformer where you ought to explore a cave and quickly decide what to do upon the sighting of startling findings amongst the shades.
The character will find different masks through the game. When he uses them, they will alter the escenario. It is necessary to use each mask in a certain order to advance though the levels.
A doctor who has to take care of his patients.
A board game with circles, wich rotate.
Geko the lizard is a Wizard trapped in the body of an iguana. He must escape the ancient temple and the jungle to take over the world, but that will require him to implement a strict diet based in evil and parts of himself.
You are on a Space Ship, everybody's dead and your race nearly anihilated. You have to fight the virus invading your ship if you want to survive.