Past Games

You are Pinecone, an adorable but mischievous tortoiseshell cat who loves pizza! Your humans have ordered pizza, but won't share and instead try to spray you with water when you try to get some.
You are a sprite trying to find your missing belongings in a dangerous forest maze! I made this game as a way for our family to learn more about Pico-8.
In 1970, college-age men were being sent off to war without being able to say anything about it in federal elections.
Two to four players compete in celestially-themed levels, attempting to frantically score points under the pressure of other players and the clock.
Little Susie is stuck in her haunted summer house. She must escape the horrors unscathed. Enjoy this game of distorted reality using standard 3rd person controls, cameras, and the \"Z\" button. It's easy to get lost, but can you find the way out? Voted 3rd Place in the Audience's Choice at the jam site!