Past Games

You become a voice of a star, it connects stars and stars with voice and sings a song. In addition to voice, you can play by playing with keyboard. 星の声となり、声で星と星をつなぎ、歌を歌うゲームです。
The Wave is The Light, The Light is The Lord
Bowing becomes ritual by repeating throughout life.
This game is two player are divided to a commentator and a bomb cancellation, and play. When you start the game, pleyer is given instructions each. The commentator derives a person of bomb cancellat
普段のあなたが見ている現実は、真実ではない……回転によって陶酔し、トランス状態になることにより、真実の道を見ることができる! Things you see usually is not true......rotate to be in a state of trance and you can see the true way!