Past Games

Experience the short (and only moderately sweet) adventure of you! As you try to bring about the demise of Death Duck.
You are an appendage-rich alien, who must complete important work at the recycling and repair facility. Created for Oculus Quest. Recommended play space is 7ft.
Top-down 3D asymmetrical multiplayer action game where a Shack in the woods housing LumberJacks and LumberJills doesn't want to lose its dwellers!
You're an intergalactic Noodle Ninja that's trying to phone home, but you need to boost your signal. So you headed to a nearby alien space station to collect some antennas...
One of you has a map. The other one has three cute little legs. Both of you have radios. Only good communication will get you out of this quirky dungeon! Bring a friend and the Dungeon Map.
Your attempt at creating an automated kitchen have backfired, the potatoes have gotten mixed up with the wrong spare parts you had lying around.
You travel the galaxy buying and selling guns. The price of the guns is determined by the stability of the wars you are manipulating.
Deep within the forest, dark forces have resurrected the Eye of Someone. Because: magic. Now, four poor souls have been chosen by fate to defeat an insatiable evil.
You're a caveman, you're on a T-Rex, there's zombie dinosaurs. Watch out for Glados, and choose your hats wisely.
**This is not a game. This is not a simulation. This is a fully functioning portal with the capability to send travelers hurtling through space and time.** Hello attractive sir and/or madam!
The Dwarves stopped by again. And, they're throwing plates... again. Dodge the plates! This VR game was designed for extreme head tracking and range of motion.
You and 3 other astronauts are trapped in outer space in an alien cave filled with deadly spikes and bouncy mushrooms. The door is locked and there is only one oxygen tank left. What do you do now?
A collection of 3 (almost 5) local multiplayer competitive games - Use 2-4 Xbox360 or PS3 controllers.
Rip Their Heart Out Rockem Sockem Robots Mashup with Lego-like and Minecraft-like Robot Characters. Either in Unity or physical hardware using Android controlled Arduino with servos and stepper motors and lightweight cardboard body parts.
Drink those pesky humans before you bleed out.
Follower-based platforming puzzle action! Throw and control your minions to solve puzzles.