Past Games

Tactics Game where you play as Dr. Josee W. Sliver. Who's body has been torn apart in a soup related plot. And now she must find all her limbs and put herself back together again.
Your world is broken. It’s supposed to be blue — the bluer the better.
You've crashed your ship on the moon. Various pieces of the ship have scattered and you must retrieve them to fix the ship and leave.
You just got into an argument with your girlfriend and she stormed out. You are left to repair the broken pieces of the relationship and to mend your relationship back together.
Play as a small goblin resetting and creating the traps of his Dungeon Master’s dungeon. Quickly repair and build the traps and block the way of the next hero, or suffer a painful death!
A dog tries to rebuild his former master by collecting his missing body parts. - Navigate the park using the arrow keys - Collect Body Parts using the space bar
The magic egg philosopher Eggisotle must save other eggs from a certain fate in a kitchen.
Home is a safe place, but it takes work to keep it warm, cozy, and functional for all.
"Catalina" is a narrative-driven 3D side-scroll platformer following the story of an abandoned cat in her pursuit of a home and happiness.
On your way home you meet a shadowy doppelganger of yourself and they take away your memories. You begin on a journey to recover your lost memories and find your way home.
Our game is a top-down 2D game made in Unity.