Timothy Adan

Past Games

Of all the things to steal in this museum, you decided to nab the single most heaviest piece of art. Can you fool the guards and walk away with the goods?
Waking in your home, you find yourself staring at a dead body. Your dead body.
A game where you play opposing sides of the brain. You try and take control of the body, but be careful if you're too aggressive, you may throw the body out of wack.
Guide a caravan through the wasteland. Build a home with the entities you meet on the way.
In this game, you pick your favorite sound from a list of 4, and you have to navigate a maze, or trial, using that sound as your guide to reach the exit.
Stay in the light! Follow your mobile home through the wasteland and collect resources to keep it functional while never straying too far from the light. Home is where your hit points restore.
A game of reflection! Bounce your signal to the goal in VR!
you play a microbe
The dogs are hot on your tail! Play as Mittens, a cat working on a space ship, trying to flea from enemy ships. Purroblem is that you’re stuck in a time loop.
After 35 years failing to contact extraterrestrial life, a SETI station is on the verge of shutting down — until a janitor working their final graveyard shift stumbles upon a rogue transmission.
You play as a group of amateur cultists attempting to summon their elder god before the authorities or other eldritch horrors catch up with you in this strategic, turn-based game.
Escape the wicked ritual before the summoning is complete! Use Up, Down, Left and Right to struggle free. The correct combination of movements will break your bonds, but if you make a mistake yo
You slept in and now you are late to the morning prayer!!!
You survive a deadly plane crash while flying cargo over the Bermuda Triangle. On an island you must salvage parts to make a raft and escape.
A co-operative 2 player game with asymmetrical information. Player one assumes the role of an infiltrator.