Tim Neumegen

Past Games

Loot 'n' Scoot is a local multiplayer game that requires the play to use strategy, skill and luck to locate, and dig up treasure before escaping off the island with the precious booty!
You are a rover on Mars. Carefully manage and repair your components as you explore Mars to discover and drill into ice.
Show off your Engine sounds by powering a car.
You're a doctor! Astronaut John Dorian is unconscious in Space Lab 5. Use the console to remotely administer drugs to get his heart rate back to the normal range. Hurry, we are losing si
Bring your friends to help you collect food for the all-powerful MOUTH. 3-player game.
Perform rituals to summon dragons/unicorns to defeat the unicorns/dragons and destroy their castle! This is a multiplayer game where two people play against each other, each player controlling a su
Join your family on a higher plane. You will need to sing to perform the ascension ritual. Made in Scratch with assets from kenney.nl/assets