Thomas Nilsen

Past Games

A game about growing flowers.
A small traveler works hard to keep their ship afloat on a magical sea.
What are you fixing? You don't know. Why are you doing it? You don't know. Where are the parts coming from?
It's a fact of life that cats like to knock things over. This time however, the kittens might have gone a bit overboard – can they clean the mess up before mom and dad gets home?
Even after the budget cuts, the Jostling Astronaut Matches (JAMs) still provide a safe, sporty and peaceful way to do espionage.
Hairwaves is a local multiplayer game about protecting your perfect, on-point hair from jealous friends with instruments (and the occasional super-speaker death-blast).
George is a shaman who helps tribes around the world with the power of dance. George is nice. Be like George. (4x multiplayer dance-off. Bring a controller!)
Control three characters, which represents their own colour, red, yellow and blue. Each of them has their own view of the environment, which also will affect each others view.