Thomas Bultman

Past Games

You play as Harry, who is a professor at TimeLabs. TimeLabs created the Wheel of Time, which enables anyone capable of freezing time with the hidden feature of rollbacking time.
Joe (you) works in a lost and found warehouse. Found items from all around the country are collected at this central warehouse where people can come and pick up their lost items.
Use your claw to pickup the needed bomb parts to repair your bomb. And then... Fire away on your opponents!
A game about two brothers talking about memories of home when they were kids, the places they used to visit, the people they used to be.
Whack paint on your opponent to transmit your colour to the opponent's character. Soon the environment will be yours!
Bike Bash is a four player party game. The goal of Bike Bash is to beat your friends by bashing the correct keys on your controller.