Thijmen Bink

Past Games

After a near endless journey to find new lands to settle in, we finally hit habitable land.
DaBo You are lost in space You are running out of oxygen and just have a few DaBo's left... Then you meet a friendly looking alien
Try to send Albert into space by giving him the right commands to launch his rocket.
You have accidentally stumbled upon the Global Game Jam 2013 game "Still Waters". Developed by: - Thijmen Bink - Ruud van Boerdonk - Sander Doomen - Martin de Haan - Thomas Kalksma - Geert Nellen "Still waters run deep."
In Walk of Leif you play a man who is constantly facing conflicts and other problems that are wearing him down. He has to keep a fine balance between his emotional state and the social status for which society is judging him.
In Walk of Leif you must choose which conflicts and problems you will confront. These will drain your stamina, but not facing them will make it even worse.
FYI is a game completely based on infographics. The player needs to traverse the game world, which is built from bar diagrams and pie charts. These constantly change based on the players actions and movements. One bar shoots up in the sky when you fire a bullet, while another grows with every step you move. The player has to watch his/her every move to make it to the other side of the level. The extinction theme is translated into our representation of bar diagrams. Everything the player does is connected to a wider issue represented in those diagrams, as shooting enemies increases the amount of ‘wars declared’ diagram. The bar diagrams and other info in the game serve as metaphors for the main possible causes of our extinction.
A tactical and competitive shoot ‘m up in which two players are gunned at each other and end up fighting their battle using their unique cloaking devices in the midst of an intergalactic war.