Past Games

Button-pressing puzzler clouded in ambiguity and doubt.
Under Pressure - This game is based on the Helicopter game, an old yet addictive game gives more depths into this style of game play by adding enemies which you will have to avoid, and pickups to boost speed. The general scope of the game is that you're controlling a white blood cell swimming through an artery to the heart to protect it from viruses and harmful bacteria. The landscape is also some thing to consider because you can't hit an edge of the arteries, as well as dodging the enemies. Triskaidekaphobia - Our second game is a fear factor genre of game play. You are a teenage boy left alone in a hotel room, then all the lights go off. You pick up your torch and have to find your way through a maze, whilst also getting chased by an evil poltergeist. Your torch drains battery, so you will have to pick up batteries from the floor. You also have a fatigue bar which you will have to sleep in beds to replenish, otherwise you will collapse. If the poltergeist catches you, your heart stops and you are captured. So game over.