Past Games

Tune your radio and adjust your aerial to find transmissions, work out the clues to open The Box! Use the direction keys for the dial and aerial and mouse click to enter digits on the keypad. Left
"The stars and planets are almost in alignment. The cult is ready to sacrifice all of it's members to summon the demon Bane in their crazed rituals.
Welcome to our Specialised Puzzle Testing Area. Your job is to direct our subjects to complete the course as quickly as you through a series of challenging rooms.
Sam has just woken up from a crippling heart attack, only to discover that a sparse debris field is all that remains of the gargantuan ship she once crewed. With only her irregular heartbeat and breathing to keep her company, she must navigate the debris field to find beacons to contact mission control and discovers mementos of her life floating in the wreckage. On her journey, a wave of darkness sweeps over the debris field, blotting out the stars...
Our Rob or Ros, we forget which, is hungry. Help him chase the elusive tail that always seems just out of reach.
Avoid yourself, then avoid yourself avoiding yourself, then avoid yourself avoiding yourself avoiding yourself, then...