Past Games

This is our exploration of the idea of Duality. Play as two players, on different sides of the planet, one in the day, one in the night. Face obstacles together, overcome challenges.
When a boy discovers a gem hidden in the woods by his home, he is transported to a mystical land.
Again, he awakes. He finds himself in a familiar setting, surrounded by the life he has methodically summoned into existence. He showers, dresses, and descends the stairs. Where are you going?
When a survey mission to a remote corner of the South Pacific goes horribly awry, you find yourself trapped in a tiny submarine on the ocean floor. Your only hope of survival is to explore dark caves and mysterious ruins until you find a way to escape. With no weapons and no light, only your limited sonar and turbo jets can save you from the dangerous sea creatures that dwell in the deep and the otherworldly horrors that lurk in the shadows.
The two players must work together to collect falling bomb-like creatures, light their fuse, and then use the bombs to hurt the snake. Hit the snake with enough bombs and the planet is saved! \