Past Games

Bunny Boomers is a an action-arcade game where you need to disarm all mines in the level. Watch out! Your bunny friends are wandering around the field and they might accidentally land on a mine!
Experience the wonder of your NEW (slightly used) spaceship in VR.
Who can you trust to get yourself out of this maze? The Maze Whisperer is a survival-horror maze game where one player needs to find his way through a maze with the help of their friends...or shoul
Birdwave is a music-based flying arcade game where you must navigate through each level and collect CDs to the beat of the music.
Your face has turned into a bazooka. What do you do now?
Me, Myself, + I is a platforming game where the player can combine multiple abilities such as speed, gliding, wall jump, and high jump in order to complete stages in the shortest time possible.

Hearty Games