Past Games

Tower defense in which you fight off waves of Mr.Greenman to protect Castle, who is experiencing a nightmare. Players can team up and place turrets to fight off the onslaught, with an arsenal of lase
This game puts the player in situations where they need to learn abilities in order to complete their quest. However, learning abilities has unforeseen consequences.
A single-player game of discovery. The player can interact with many items in the world, but only a limited number of objects can be interacted with until they must progress the story further.
A two-player networked cooperative game. One player controls character movement while the other provides support by purchasing and placing objects in the game.
Hoops' Big Adventure is a puzzle platformer featuring one character and two players. Run to the right. Don't fall. Break the curse. Tips: -The game is best played using Playstation Dualshock controllers. Your controller will vibrate when the "heartbeat" switches players. (Alternative controls are wasd and the arrow keys). -You get one jump per "heartbeat"; use it wisely.
Ruby the Vampire features the trials and tribulations of a young vampiress cast into the Pit of Despair. Now she must escape!