Past Games

Test your skills against another player in an upbeat action game. Charge and release deadly Disco Waves to both attack and defend in a fast paced, reflex demanding three-lane arena!
"In a post apocalyptic world where eggs used to have a normal life, a reengineered virus originally intended to combat Salmonella backfires killing almost all the population and mutating them int
This game is a sidescroll platformer set in the early 1920s in Europe.
Night.... What better time to hang out with friends, get some food, rent a movie, or...visit a sinister forest to become the victim of a serial killer. The sweet sound of a pounding heart..the sound of your iminent demise. Do you think you have what it takes to become a hunter? Assume the rol of a notorious serial killer, and sharpen your senses. Be attentive, listen to your surroundings, your victim`s heartbeats. Or Do you think you have the necesarry skills to survive the night until dawn? Become numerous victims and make sure at least one survives the ordeal. But be careful.. the forest constantly changes, never one and the same. This a multiplayer game. This is a survival game. This a hunting game. This a game where you must chase. This is a game where you must escape. There is a prey. There is a serial killer: Who will you choose? This is pure horror But.... THIS IS NOT JASON!