Past Games

Repair the border wall while avoiding Bernie who's trying to destroy it: Controls: Arrows - run Z - Jump X - Hammer Collide with a Bernie bomb to deflect it. Game is compatible with Xbo
TROUBLESHOOTING: if the joysticks don't register, try plugging in the controllers after the game has been launched and is displaying the title screen. In this two-player game, a lighthouse man
The object of this game is to get your plane to 2000km/h and fly into space. On your way, you have to manage mines, other planes and constantly gearing up your seemingly infinite gearbox.
Dungeon of the Mind is a 3rd person co-operative platforming game where perspective is altered for players.
A microgame collection revolving around waving your hands to help nature! Requires the Leap Motion controller to play! Make Some Waves was developed at Concordia University in Montreal by Alexey
Play as an assassin who has a fascination with playing cards.
Intended to be a Tower Defense game with several twists that would change the rules of the game.