Past Games

Baby on Board is a party co-op game about 2 pirates who must keep repairing a ship which consistently is being damaged by the dangerous sea, and the captain is a baby pirate.
A game inspired by Marie Kondo's philosophy. BOX IT is fast action puzzle game where you have to sort stuff and box them. Increase your JOY meter by doing it as fast and accurate as you can.
This is a game about heat transmission. Your are a snow ball desperately trying to scape from an erupting volcano, while avoiding the perils of the terrain.
Eres un hábil exorcista, capaz de combinar diversos elementos y generar lo mas efectivos rituales de exorcismo. You are a crafty exorcist capable of mixing different elements in order to defeat the
“Color Knights” is a mix between a tower-defense game and Guitar Hero. You control three fierce warriors tasked with defending their village from pesky goblin hordes hell-bent on pillaging your home.
this is a 2 dimension world game, be a pshyco man who believes he is a banana and tries to scape from the apes who try to eat him, in fact he is in a mental institution and the guards are trying to ta