Past Games

With the game and you will get a monster, meet another player with the game, make the monsters breed, get a new mknster. Repeat. Collect, transmit your genes. Unless you consult with someone who kn
Balancea un ojo controlando el ángulo de la plataforma según donde miras. Para usar con tobii!
One or two players. Try to stay over the board. Uno o dos jugadores. Intenta mantenerte sobre la tabla.
Aventura de texto desde el punto de vista de un guia de museo.
Corunco (Agua tibia, Warm water - guaraní)A Windows game using two players with Xbox controls based on a lumberjack and a forest spirit. Its a challenge game between the two players using different tools depending of the character that the player chooses
You are on a Space Ship, everybody's dead and your race nearly anihilated. You have to fight the virus invading your ship if you want to survive.
Help Pacman to get laid. But beware, if an ex-girlfriend sees you with another woman pacman will be in troubles.