Past Games

Play as a ninja and race across the rooftops of medieval Japan to get the torch to the top of the hill before the other team does, thus continuing the ancient shinobi traditions. Using your jutsu,
In this cooperative deckbuilder, you embody nature spirits and try to scare Guinevere and her Followers from picnicking at holy grounds.
Hey you. Yes, YOU! You want to play a Tower Defense but your friend invited herself home? Don’t you worry, Runes’N Bolts is the game you need.
(Eng) “What home means to you?”. Prominent alien scientists are trying to understand this archaic human concept and sending their best "archaeologists" on the field to retrieve samples.
Cooperative multiplayer game : 4 players Type : Platform
"We found a map to an underwater treasure, hop on this submarine and don't come back until you have it." Also, you can talk to cuttlefish now. The map on the bottom right gives