Past Games

Blacksmith Rune Defender (BRD) is a singleplayer 2d game in which you control a blacksmith with a dark past called Wilfred who hired mercenaries to protect him.
Restless is a top-down time management game in which you must take care of all the situations of your home in time or die of stress.
You are looking for a world to live when the sun explodes, escape while you can, going to planet to comunicate the hazard, or go by yourself, your decision will change the gameplay
Vertical Auto-Runner where a bat uses sound waves to see obstacles and other objects in its way. Auto-Runner vertical con murciélago que usa ondas de sonido para ver obstáculos y otros objetos en su
Free Brawlin' is a 2 player fighting game where both players try to catch and hold on to a parachute. How to play: Try to get the parachute and activate it before the time ends.

Hearty Games