Past Games

The perfect mix of strategy and racing.
2 speakers fight over the leadership of their team color in an exciting "Tagada" wave battle!
Una sociedad diferente, un universo gobernado por elementos químicos. La vida siempre encuentra una forma de surgir.
"La ultima esperanza de la humanidad recae en las manos de dos valientes y creativos astronautas que tienen como misión reconstruir la amada tierra que llamaban hogar y ahora nos es más que escom
What's Nin? Probably.. Noncense Imagination Night? or is just a reference to Anaïs Nin? who knows? it doesn't matter What's real? what's is a dream?
Perplex Dimensions is a new kind of vision of how a game is... influenced by the famous Half-Life 2 mod and after standalon game "Dear Esther" Perplex Dimensions wants to be a really good project that represents the style. Perplex Dimensions doesn't just purpose a real good environments to explore, is a new kind of psychologically and tense game purpose... the objective is more than an enjoyable experience... "We don't want you play the game... we hope you live this"