Past Games

Play through the epic of a snail's love life in a super monkey ball-esk (super snail sphere) story driven game!
What's up is a multiplayer competitive game where one person builds a tower, and another person climbs it.
Twitch Plays Beehive Simulator
Wake up and interact with your lush surroundings. Almost the entire world is interactive, just explore and click to your heart's content, but watch your hunger!
A game where you play as a farmer growing Heart Beets. Each Heart Beet has blood which must be harvested to fill a daily requirement, which increases as you play. Heart Beets can be transplanted, halving the size of the initial beet but allowing you to plant another in a different plot. Play until you can no longer fulfill the blood requirements.
Have you failed your last five tests? Did your girlfriend leave you? Have you spent the last 8 years flipping patties at a local burger joint? Has this been too much to bear? Of course it has! It must be time to end it; the answer should be obvious. Oh well, you can't because...You're Immortal!!! Desecrate yourself in over 1 amazing level in the attempt to relieve your troubles for good in the most popular game you have read about in the last few seconds, Equilibrium!!!