Tamara Violet Partridge

Past Games

No Bear Circle is a Virtual Reality game where you repair natural disasters on Earth with your ridiculous toolkit.
They're Coming! Humpty Dumpty has fallen (again) and All the King's Horses are on their way! Help those silly beasts get back to the castle to help put poor Humpty together again. Did y
A giant is coming to tear down your wall, which you care so much about. Replace the bricks faster than your adversary can tear them out. Can you keep your precious standing until the giant gets bore
This game you will play as a Mermaid, that is missing some of her scales.
In the deepest reaches of space, a cohort of hardened interstellar Raptor convicts find themselves adrift on a gritty high-security Prison Transport.
Come fix things for folks. Some things are cups, some things are not. They've very appreciative. Or not. Possibly. Play it with your mouse and WASD. Point the boy with the mouse.
Home for us is sharing a meal with your loved ones. Aim: Find each other in the woods while collecting ingredients to enjoy a nice hot soup!
Lumberjack Bear builds homes on sleeping dragons!
A lonely robot works to build a home in the dark... Fetch four missing pieces to make your home!
Meditative Bullet Hell.
Support the Fermi Paradox and stop transmissions from reaching earth, but we also don't want earth to blow up!
After happily ever after, the "Princess" is actually a Prince. Going on a journey of kindness of self discovery, he seeks to work out who he is and if he can be king.
One alien probe too many and you end up with mind transmission powers. ( ( ( Your mind, their body... your body and their mind? ) ) ) Now to escape this space zoo!
Calamari and Takoyaki are space cephalopod ("octosquids", specifically!) companions, trapped in a life or death situation as they need to escape from the USS Sushinori and its robot head sus
A choose your own adventure about taking action to create a better world... maybe.
Mobilize is a game where the player controls a message being transmitted between two mobiles, while dodging other messages being transmitted in the world. Controls: - Press + Hold "Left-Cli
A mobile game where you must sneak past deadly robots, and upload enemy plans to a transmitting tower, using a faulty sonar scanner to find your way.