Past Games

The drunk man is running!! 酔っ払って強くなって終電まで全力疾走!! ◆宴会に出席したサラリーマンが、いつの間に終電ギリギリに。 ◆左上に表示されているカウントが0になったら、終電が発車してしまう。 ◆それまでに全力ダッシュで駅に着け。
"Heart Boiled" Our game is a lot of fall in love!!!! Players are Angels. Shoot heart arrow toward to people!! Players have to make people fall in loves!! Player 1 is one of the Angel, and Player 2 is another Angel. Players have to shoot a arrow to people for fall in love. It is required two persons. It is necessary for Player 1 and 2 are to support each other to shoot different persons to make them fall in love. Please make a lot of couple!!