Takashi Tanaka

Past Games

メロディーにあわせてボタンを押す簡単なゲームです。 NeosVRの中で遊びます。 高得点をだせると音声でほめてくれます。 It's a simple game where you press a button according to the melody. Play in NeosVR.
このゲームはM5StackCで動きます。 タイミングよくボタンを押して、リズムを修復します。 This game runs on M5StackC. Press the good timing button, to repair the rhythm.
When you get lost your life, who do you consult ? This is simulation game.
You become a voice of a star, it connects stars and stars with voice and sings a song. In addition to voice, you can play by playing with keyboard. 星の声となり、声で星と星をつなぎ、歌を歌うゲームです。
MOSES'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE Using Moses' Ten Commandments as a motif, Moses creates ripples, with bullets coming from the intersection of the ripples, the waves coming from the left and rig
Touching avatars of various kawaii girls to different beats, composing your own rhythm to summon more. Challenge colorful stages to extend your collection.
A network-communication-puzzle game for 3 players. Each player sees the yu-den (湯田 hot-spring-field or, oilfield) only from 3 different limited perspectives: front, side and top.
Welcome to "Vaital-tone" ! In this game,it compete for the total score while playing music. With operating the sphere sounding the sounds,the game player can get the item used as the point