Past Games

Réparation émotionnelle pour robots électroménagers. Ravivez les multicoeurs de votre amour robotique. La relation avec votre robot-conjoint bat de l'aile.
"Home is where the heart is" What we define as "home" may not be a just a specific place, but also a situation, to be with people or things that we cherish, to be in a state whe
*Incoming transmission* Welcome to the space mining facility LUX526.
Psychedelic rhythm game. How to play: You need a gamepad to play. Use left and right bumpers to move your character. use ABXY to change color.
Tako n'est pas un poulpe comme les autres. Tako ne veux pas finir en sushi ni en soupe, il rêve d'aventure. Son ami l'éponge aka Bob lui a parlé d'une ile lointaine et mystérieu
One player game, try to find your way to the Global Game Jam. Make the right choice with visual and sound clues. !! Winners don't use drugs !!
Two Co-op local multiplayer game. Controls : Player1 - Mouse ; Player2 - Gamepad/Keyboard Stay Tuned for the Post-Jam Version here : http://gamejolt.com/games/arcade/dash-popy-versus-the-goblins-p
The famous feath robot nammed Inator is escaped from his prison thanks to the power of the elements. So he can use them to steal all pieces !

Hearty Games