Past Games

There's more to this than meets the eye, Transwaifus!
Manipulate your brain waves, so that your brain can surf the waves and regain your precious lost memories.
Players: 3-4 Protect the master of your house from the treacherous employee. Rules: - Protect the Master of the house by removing the traps laid out by the Traitor - You must also get to the pla
Is a simple puzzle game in which the goal is to make the clones on the screen do the same action at the same time. Each clone on the screen has a different sequence of actions which it executes when
Empathic Dreams is a 2 player 2D competitive platformer in which the goal is to acquire the orb at the end of the level.
"Beat my Heart: Your Heart is Your Own Worst Enemy" is a platformer in which you play a robot which needs to find all the keys in each level while balancing the 'beat' of its heart. Depending on whether its heart beats fast or slow the robot can do certain feats like avoid bats or jump over cliffs. Theme: The theme of the game is falling in love and how people sometimes become like robots, and servants to the whim of the object of their affection. Falling into spikes hurt very much(like love), and bats suck the life out of you(like love). The moral of this story is that falling in love is bad for your health especially if you're a robot. Tutorial: 1) Use your middle and index finger to tap the z and z keys alternately like walking to balance the gauge, 2) Use the forward and backward directional keys to move, and Up to jump.
Help Alice enclose pests inside a polygon using her yarn
Alien Puddi Puddis throw Dry-ice Cream to melt a little planet. Help these poor people by collecting the Dry-ice Cream into a machine, and shooting it back at the evil Puddi Puddi bullies.