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Past Games

A game where you stop objects in their tracks, build up massive amounts of force with your sword, and release all the force in a certain direction.
A Non Euclidean VR game where you travel through Two portals to return objects that have gotten mixed up between the Wild West and a modern day city.
You are a soviet repair specialist deployed to space to repair turret ships protecting a top secret soviet base. Collect additional repair scrap to repair the quickly deteriorating turret ships.
2D platformer using spring mechanics to get around.
A game about divining objects, demonic summoning, and chicken sacrifices. A series of mini-games.
A murder has occurred and it's up to you to find out who's the culprit! Solve a series of mini-games and determine the one behind the madness.
The player, nicknamed H, travels from scene to scene, each ordeal sinking into and shaping H’s character, mind as well as body.

Hearty Games