Past Games

Nuestro protagonista al darse cuenta de su muerte, tiene la misión de encontrar un objeto preciado de cuando estuvo con vida, pero este no tendrá el camino fácil...
A free-falling steampunk game in space where you stop a eldritch horror from returning to the universe and taking part in its destruction
A first person non-lineal experience is unfolded in a dreamed and abstract space where gravity shifts according to platform ramps and stairs.
What is a man but a reactionary agent in the face of experience, what is he supposed to do, once he has everything he knew taken away from him.
It's a 3D videogame about a robot that has to form an squad using his ability of traspass energy betweet the allies he find along the road to an enemy telecom antenna that is transmitting a distr
It's a game about an ancient tribal exorcist, or shaman, who needs to fight evil spirits with dance moves.
Prepare yourself for arcade randomness!