Past Games

We all have rituals. We're all used to do super simple everyday stuff every single day and we develop a process to do them without even thinking about it. Everyone does it.
Observance is an azynchronous multiplayer experience for the gear vr and mobile phones. As a Natal (mobile players) your goal is to reach and destroy the totem where the witness was summoned to rec
What really happens when you die in a game... you do not just respawn you know.
The never told story about the eternal fight of the cholesterol species against human health. Join the quest of this species to erradicate mankind.
A massive destructive force is expanding and erasing everything through the universe.. \ Suroboru, a huge cosmical snake creature is in a struggle to survive this cataclism, help him to feed from energy of smaller planets in order to grow bigger and stronger and perhaps stopping this chaos.
In a world dominated by dragons, show them who is boss, eat your opponent in an addictive multiplayer game. \