Past Games

Play as two torso demon buddies exploring the deeps of a Pixie infested temple.
I KNOW CPR! is a co-op platforming game designed to highlight, with hyperbole, the impact of bad health on society at large. Two players join forces atop the same keyboard to pilot the heartattack-ridden Yell, the unhealthy character, across the map to the Defibrillator on the other end. Whomever is piloting Yell uses A and D to move left and right, space to jump, and shift to sprint. THE TWIST! Yell's heart is basically exploding. Pin, a good person who knows CPR, leaps onto him at the start to pump his heart for him. Pin uses the NUMPAD and must rhythmically pump Yell's heart so the two can make it to the defibrillator. Yell's heart behaves like a regular heart. If he increases his activity (by running, sprinting, or jumping), his heart rate needs go up, and Pin must keep up. If Yell gets scared (by falling or being chased by his inner demons), his heart rate increases as well. The game is timed locally so teams can beat their high scores.
You've been warped from your shower into the arena of the gods. Your arms are bananas. Fight for the favor of Pete or Quetzal and tip the scales of fate in your favor.