Steven Austin Huebner

Past Games

You are a runner and a gunner with a sword, fighting your way through the cybernetic world currently invaded by androids and drones. Slash and dash as long as you can and beware the barrels!
Everyone knows that ghosts stick around until they complete any unfinished business in this life, before they move on to the next plane. Well, the unthinkable happened.
A ginormic black hole threatens the local planetary system! Thankfully, Gummy Gumm-Gumm, the intrepid spacefarer who also has an expanding head, is here to plug the hole before all is lost!
No Pants Dad has been overrun by hungry children and dogs. Fend off the invasion by cooking and feeding the kids. Survive for as long as you can until there are too many recipes to do.
Help Pigeon-Man, a mail carrier, run through the streets collecting letters and delivering it throughout the city.
Help Baby Godzilla defend japan from a horrible tentacle monster by jumping around and shooting fireballs!