Past Games

A gameplay video of the final build of One Punch Bot for Global Game Jam 2017.
It’s mating season! Mate Mate Evolution is a multiplayer rhythm game where players press buttons as they scroll across the screen to have their character perform a mating ritual and seduce the targ
Toss the deer in the ocean! Requires XBox controller to play.
Serpents of the Ancients is an action-adventure game set in an alternative and ancient past. The game's main character, Cotal (pronounced \"Coat-al\"), sets off on an adventure to find the truth behind the secrets of the Serpentinus, an even older ancient race that revered snakes and other serpent-like creatures as their gods. Built using powerful programs like Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3DS Max, Unreal Development Kit and Adobe Photoshop, Serpents of the Ancients provides a unique player experience.