Steph Nguyen

Past Games

Only Audio is needed to complete this game (headphones recommended). The game has visuals but they are not necessary to beat the game. Dude, Where's My Gorgon is a 3D audio turn based game where you play as a blind warrior that is tasked to fight the gorgon sisters. During your turn, use spacebar to time attacks to the beat of the current song to deal damage to you foe. During your opponents turn, use UP, LEFT, or RIGHT to block attacks. Listen carefully to figure out where each attack will hit.
A beach-themed tower defense game wherein the player must fight off ocean waves and monster waves to defend their sandcastle! To survive against the hoards of creatures composed of sand, mud, and shells, the player must use these resources to upgrade their towers and combine their powerful mechanics. The youtube video describes the tsunami and tower mechanics. The game is very challenging, so watching the first 1m40s of the video is recommended before playing!

Hearty Games