Stefano Cecere

Past Games

enhance your Calcio Balilla (Table football) game with tons of fun using these simple cards to give malus/bonus powers to playing teams.
a collaborative card game: build your Casa del Popolo (House of the People), then fix it and free it from problems and errant creatures.
The player has to get back to what he feels home is...but it's an adventure! A group of kids (from 10 to 14yo) designed and developed this game as part of the Kids Global Game Jam group in Rom
An Augmented Cards Historic Party Adventur Game! Print the cards, get the augmented reality app and start playing with you friends! You find an ancient tablet and read that Gilgamesh has a problem..
[ENGLISH] a Visual Novel / Interactive Comic about waking up and the Sun died. written by a 8yo kid and developed with his dad. (we could work just a 8 hours because of accidents, but the base story
[this game was designed and drawn by a 7yo child at his first "real" game production experience] a young sheep starts a journey outside her home world, discovering her internal difficulties
what to do now? the real answer in inside us, deep inside.