Past Games

Its a calm evening of 1996. It would be the perfect day to game in bed until late at night, if only your precious copy of fakemon red had not disappeared without a trace!
Your heart's been broken by the one you loved... but don't get down, grab all the heart pieces in less than 20 seconds and you'll recover your heart!
You're a kid that ran away from home, but now you want to return. On your way back you have an accident, you'll have to find your way back out of your mind before getting back home.
The world has been taken over by vampires! Now humans are forced to make chibi toys... and they love chibi toys! You must now escape from the lord vampire and its minions and find his heart!
Follow Ekta (Apache for Unity) who in order to become an adult must follow her tribe's ritual. An adventure in which she must gather all the totems and defeat the obstacles on her path.
A game about trying to find your sanity....just in time.