Past Games

This project is a cute mailing App that let's you send a letter to someone special that let's them know how they make you feel. :)
Within the cubicles and workstations of a profitable company, a not-so-slient war wages between departments.
Time machines emit waves of time. On the crest of the wave, time speeds up and in the trough, time slows down. Collect crystals on a distant planet whilst avoiding aliens.
Don't step on the cracks otherwise unspeakable things will happen...
Play as a schizophrenic with 3 unique personalities, each with different abilities and perspectives on the world, as you attempt to escape from a psychiatric hospital.
Max Hamster a small hero with who's on a larger than life adventure through space and time. Where he goes no one knows, what he sees is beyond comprehension of the human mind. Take control of the heart of our intrepid hero as he attempts to survive this crazy random world he inhabits. You can alternatively play at http://globalgamejam.org/2013/hamstar