Past Games

Dodge the rain drops and the waves they cause as they fall to the music. Use A/W to move and space to jump.
Something is wrong with the fire god of an ancient civilization. An orphan adolescent, raised by the temple guardians, is the peoples only hope.
Humans invading an alien spaceship to steal advanced technology.
After waking from an endless slumber you must ascend thousands of levels to get to the surface. Raise the undead as an image of your self to aid you in getting past your foes.
At the start of the game you are presented 3 items and you can only take one. The game plays differently depending on which item you take.
A puzzle game about a guy tripping on anti-psychotics.
Play as an air embolism trying to kill a heart in a top-down maze game. Navigate a maze while filling the missing letters from words.
WIlliam and Theodore's best friend, Mark, is going to die unless they can eliminate the future nanobot viruses inside him while keeping him calm at the same time.