Past Games

Some relationships cannot be repaired; the harder you try, the more you lose. "Oh, cruel time!
So stop me if you have heard this before... But, on a derelict spaceship floating through space there lived five robots.
Astral spiritual DDR of sorts - Ascend away from your earthly form to join the Celestial Dance!
An eight-player text-only SMS game of foot-to-foot (no punching) combat on an Atlantic beach.
Keep the ritual going as a group of monks and magical stones establish a Hippy Utopia atop the current World Turtle.
Two time travellers ("We") converge upon the present ("Now"), the exact moment that a catastrophe can be averted. One is limited to the green and pleasant past, the other limited
You're dropped into a scene with obvious FPS trappings, a gun in hand. The world is obviously artificial. Swarms of creatures are wandering around; some seemingly familiar, some far less so. You know the theme of the Game Jam this year is Extinction. You notice the map name. What do you do?
Someone has stolen Indigo Montana's father's sword! Pursue the thief through a labyrinth of guards. Deceive them with sound to get on your way.