Past Games

Un juego de gestión política y ambiental A game of political and environmental management
Simply the duality of black and white.
A little unorthodox platformer game, with a special ambiance that takes you to a beautifull aztec environment which will make you experience a journey that starts where it was supposed to finish. Com
When we were kids, almost all of us went through the terror of getting lost in a supermarket.
a game about finding files in your computer
You have to run away from a boss while he is shooting you. A drone will appear and you must click on it to receive parts of your body Controls: Up arrow to Jump A, D to repair yourself
A game about fixing your mind with good habits. We couldn't add all the features and levels we wantes, but at least we tried it! :P
Hogar es más que una casa; es un lugar construido con afectos y momentos guardados en recuerdos. Aquellos que vivimos solos o en compañia de nuestros padres, hermanos, amigos, etc. En esta ocasión
In "TecnoHome" you are a child who has to deal with the technology that interferes between him and his "home".