Past Games

A short interactive story about Giuseppe Impastato and his life-long fight against Mafia in Sicily.
A short interactive thing about Planet Earth's history and the human's impact on the environment
All the hours we spent, The minutes we watched, The content we gained, The indifference we had, Behind bars they gather data, The slaves to our mortal rage,
You are a dog. Your owner leaves the house. What do we do now? .....................................(the game takes 2 minutes to play)
Dogscotch is a digitally augmented variant of hopscotch that can be played together with a dog.
A beating heart is symbol of emotions, connection with another being. The Walk is a game about physical and psychological connection between players. GAME REQUIREMENTS: - 2x Xbox360 Controllers - 1x Microsoft Kinect
Sophie in the Sky is a platformer with a twist; hear the echoes of previous playsessions.